Waterfall Great Falls, Patterson


Waterfalls Great Falls. United States New Jersey Paterson

At the Passaic River in New Jersey is located scale Falls Great Falls. Massive flows of boiling water cascade down to an impressive height – 23 meters. Since 2009, this beautiful waterfall assigned the status of a national historic site.

A deep gorge, with the peaks which descend down the glittering spectrum sunlight water cascades, laid two bridges, one of which is designed for pedestrians and the other bears tubes are laid water pipe.

Waterfalls Great Falls has left a deep mark in the history of New Jersey industrial development. In the gorge a memorial statue of Alexander Hamilton, who first began to use the power of falling water as a source for energy. Waterfall and continues to be used for these purposes. On the river built a small dam, and some of the water is diverted for the production of hydroelectric power.

In the summer the water level falls and the waterfall is divided into several sections. But during periods of high rainfall and flooding from the natural combination of the volume of bubbling water and breathtaking heights. From the oppressive city bustle here to get well under the tiniest splashes spontaneously falling water and afford to stay, plenty to admire breathtaking landscapes of the surrounding natural beauty and inhale plenty of pure fresh air.






See what it looks like Great Falls waterfall in real time via webcam


The waterfall is located at:

72 McBride AVE,

Paterson , NJ 07501



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