MoMA museum in New York City


The most famous museum in the world dedicated to contemporary art, called MoMA and stands for Museum of Modern Art, or the Museum of Modern Art.

It is located in the New York district of Manhattan, somewhere in the middle between 5th and 6th Avenues, near Rockefeller Center.

Attendance of this museum is more than 2.5 mln. People a year. Following the example that gave MoMA, like a museum is now open worldwide.


The mission of the museum MoMA

The fact that the museum is located next to the Rockefeller Centre, not an accident. Its creation in 1928 took place under the patronage and assistance of the Rockefeller clan.

While the global understanding of what constitutes art, was very vague. MoMA had to reach the best copies of the whole world, all the extraordinary news. His task was to add people to the culture of today’s creators, without being tied only to the masterpieces of the past.


Review floors of the museum MoMA

Like the Guggenheim Museum, to begin acquaintance with the exhibits MoMA better from the top floor of the building, and then gradually fall below.

  • At the top, sixth floor for a short time displays and exhibitions;
  • On the fifth floor will impress your imagination collection of paintings and sculptures, mostly post-impressionist works of our time;
  • The fourth floor offers a review of the work of painters and sculptors of 40-70 years;
  • The third floor is devoted to the architecture – models, pictures and furniture the most talented architects of the world will not leave anyone indifferent;
  • The second floor houses the MoMA galleries of contemporary artists. Exhibiting here all the time exposure replace one another;
  • Under the open sky, in the Atrium of the building it is one of the most visited galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art – Sculpture Garden;
  • Two underground floors are fully occupied cinema, a visit which includes payment for communicating tickets. Documentary or historical film will be shown to you here – it is a matter of chance;
  • As well as the popular restaurant The Modern is always happy to museum visitors;
  • And, of course, the gift shop to pick up home with the memory of this wonderful museum.

Museum of Modern Art MoMA in New York, before you open vast world of art in a new light, and you are hopelessly in love with him.


Ticket prices to the museum MoMa

  • Adults $ 25.00
  • Children (under 16) free
  • Seniors (65 and over) $ 18.00
  • Students $ 14.00

You can buy tickets online

Museum is located at 11 WEST 53 STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10019


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