Subway New York


In New York, the subway convenient to move, we will tell you how to make this process easier and not get lost.

Metro map of New York

All subway lines are marked in a different color and the letter on the map, you can see where to move and what branch where there is a transplant. Subway stations are called as well as the street where they are.



For better orientation is convenient to have a map of New York subway, you can download it here.


Mobile applications with a map of the New York subway

For orientation in the metro there’s an app for smartphones and iPhone NYC Subway app for smartphone Android NYC Subway Times, Status, Maps. They are free of charge and will help you not to get lost.

Prices for travel and card MetroCard


The card can be purchased for $ 10 at the box office or at the terminal, which are at the entrance to the subway, there can and refill it. The cost of one trip on the subway $ 2.75.

New York Metro operates round the clock.

Sometimes in the subway you can see an interesting show:

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