The types of visas to enter the USA


What are the visa requirements for entry into the United States?

There are two main types of visas in the United States – a visa and immigration
nonimmigrant visas.

Immigration visa allows to live and work in the US permanently. Non-immigrant visa allows you to enter the US for a limited period of time for tourism, study, work and so on. This visa requires that at the end of the period, you will be back.

Non-Immigrant Visas


Visas B1, B2 for temporary visits to the US

B1 visa is for business trips, allowing to enter the US for business, buying real estate, business meetings, visits to congresses.

B2 visa is for tourism or treatment

Both types of visas have a maximum validity period of 6 months, after which you need to go home.


Student visas F1, J1, M1

F1 is designed for those who want to learn in college, university or language school USA.

J1 visas to members of cultural or educational exchange programs for teachers, trainees, interns, professors, for housekeepers and nannies.

M1 visas are for members of professional and non-academic programs.

Family members of students may obtain visas F2, J2, and M2 to enter the US and stay with them.

When applying for an F or M, you must provide an approved I-20 form from the school or university. You must also provide proof of payment for the collection SEVIS, which can be paid online.

For visas F2, J2, and M2 SEVIS payment collection is unnecessary


Non-immigrant work visas H1B, H2A, H2B, H3

H1B visas are for models, intergovernmental, researchers and project workers soproizvodstva US Security Department.

H2A visas for seasonal agricultural workers

H2B visas are intended for other seasonal workers.

H3 visas are for trainees in the areas other than academic and medicine.

To apply for a visa you need to fill out a form I-129, it must be approved before applying for a work visa at the US embassy or consulate.

Immigrant Visas


Green Card Lottery

Created by order of Congress program «Diversity Immigrant Visa» (Visas for immigrants of different nationalities) provides for each year, about 50,000 visas randomly selected and meet the stringent criteria of the program persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

If you choose your application, and you received a notice from the US government that you are a lottery winner, you will need to provide proof of the right to immigrate by providing the results of the medical examination certificate from the police and the documentary evidence of the educational and professional experience of the applicant.

For more information about the documents that are required to provide the applicant with an application for an immigrant visa. See the instructions attached to the letter notifying the appointment interview.


Visas groom (bride) K1, K2, K3, K4

K1 visa for those who come to the United States for marriage to a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
Visas are issued to children imeyuschich K2 K1 visa
K3 visa allows the spouses of those who want to live in the United States, come to the country
K4 visas are reserved for children with a K3 visa


Immigration on the basis of family ties

If the spouse (s), parent, child or sibling, sister of the applicant is a US citizen, he / she may file a petition I-130, to begin consideration of the case by the Ministry of Homeland Security.

To this end, a US citizen or resident, is a relative of the applicant must submit an application.


Immigration on the basis of employment

Foreigners can also obtain the status of permanent residents of the United States working through getting an immigration visa. You need to prove that you are an expert who claimed in the United States.

To obtain a work visa, a US company offering employment to the applicant should contact the local office of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Political asylum

While in the United States, during the first year, you can file a petition for political asylum in your country if you are being harassed by one of these items:

  • political opinion
  • worship
  • race or ethnic origin
  • sexual orientation
  • You can talk to a lawyer who specializes in such cases, they will help you to get political asylum.
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