How much cost to live in New York City?


It is no secret that New York is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. How much cost monthly comfortable accommodation in the city? Below you will find answers to these questions.

The main expenses in New York City.


Rent of one-room apartment will costs you about $ 1500 to $ 2,000 in the regions of Queens, Brooklyn and in Manhattan – about $ 3500$ 4000 per month. There are cheaper options, but in such places of New York, where is unsafe. Some of the apartments are rented unfurnished, so still have to spend on it.

Prices for rental apartments look here



The twenty-four hours of living in a single room in region of Manhattan from $179, in other parts of New York from $ 100

To look at hotel prices in New York you can here



If you have a car, you will have to fork out at least another of $ 500 per month for parking.



Medical $ 300
Car insurance $ 150
Insurance of habitation $ 35



American cars usually take in leasing or credit, middle class type Toyota Corolla will cost you about $ 350 a month.

Car rental of the same class will cost from $ 70 day

To rent a car in New York you can here 



On average for a person needs about $ 500 per month on food. Here is the example of average bill for one trip to the store.

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According to New York move faster on the subway monthly pass is $ 116.5. A single trip $ 2.75


Fast food outlets

To eat alone, for example, in McDonald’s, is worth $ 10 – $ 15


A cafe

The average check per person about $ 100



Reception at the doctor costs a minimum $ 150 initial reception, the next – $ 100 at one time. If you have insurance, depending on it’s type a costs for doctor will be covered in part or in full.


Antibiotics and other strong medicines can only be bought on prescription of a physician,they are expensive, and with the presence of the insurance the part of costs will be covered.


Kindergarden cost at the least $ 1000 per month. Babysitting will cost about $ 20 per hour.



New York is quite expensive city for life. In this article we mentioned the prices for a comfortable month stay in areas close to the central part.
On average, for one person for all major expenses will need’s about $ 3500$ 4000 per month. The same time minimum wage in New York, $ 1,400 per month.

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