Empire State Building


At the entrance to New York immediately notice the spire of view of the tallest building in the city – the Empire State Building. Visit the observation deck of the building – thus see the city from a bird’s eye, to feel powerful force and a living breathing city.

How to build the Empire State Building

With the construction of the Empire State Building has been involved about 4 thousand. People, most of whom were immigrants from Europe.

This huge skyscraper entirely built in just one year and 45 days! Empire State Building for ’41 is the highest of all the buildings in the world.

Construction budget amounted to 40 million. Dollars. The building owes its name to the Empire State Building from the nickname of one of the city states. In a literal translation – is the “Empire State Building”. The main architectural style – art deco.

Empire State Building – the most famous and visited the skyscrapers of New York, takes pride of 1st place among the most popular monuments of the United States.


What’s inside the Empire State Building?

85 floors of the skyscraper occupied office space, has 2 floors are reserved for viewing platforms. The skyscraper is so great that he even assigned its own zip code (10118).

This is the second in size after the Pentagon’s US office building that accommodates both more than 20 thousand. Man. The top of the Empire State Building are used for broadcasting nearly all urban radio and TV stations.

On top of the building installed spotlights that illuminate it in different colors. These colors are timed for the holidays and memorable dates. Also, the building has an attraction that simulates a flight over New York City.


On the observation deck of the Empire State Building

The building of a skyscraper has two viewing platforms. The first is on the floor of 86m, and it provides all-round view of the city. The second area covers 102 floor, but access to it is limited and it is a little smaller in size.

Once on the observation deck 86 floors, you will see all of New York at a glance. The breathtaking urban landscape, green valleys of Central Park, a symbol of New York City – Statue of Liberty, the famous skyscrapers – all it will all be right before your eyes!


Evening romance, sparkling shimmering neon lights, deserves a special visit to the observation deck in the dark. Transportation, circular rack and winding streets of the city resembles a huge circulatory system through which move briskly all colors of cars. Top people and machines are so much like little ants hurrying about their business.

Price Empire State Building visit


  • Adult: $32 Senior (ages 62+): $29 Child (ages 6-12): $26 – Main Deck Only (86th Floor)
  • All Visitors (ages 6+): $55 – Main Deck Express (86th Floor—No Waiting)
  • Adult: $52 Senior (ages 62+): $49 Child (ages 6-12): $46 –  Main Deck + Top Deck (86th & 102nd Floors)
  • All Visitors (ages 6+): $75  – Main Deck + Top Deck Express (86th & 102nd Floors – No Waiting)

View all prices and book tickets online at the official site.

Empire State Building is truly one of the 7 modern wonders of the world and represents the power of the US economy, the strength and the spirit of the American nation.

Empire State Building is located on 350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118


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