Brooklyn – is one of the five administrative units of the City of New York. State, or also called – Brooklyn borough located on Long Island. After the Brooklyn Queens district is the second largest city largest square which is 183 square kilometers. Compared to other boroughs of Brooklyn is home to the most numerous population.

History of the Brooklyn district

The history of the densely populated area of ​​New York began in 1636 with the Dutch village base. The colonists, the Dutch decided that the hilly terrain of their new place of residence is very similar to their hometown neighborhood. This settlement was named after the Dutch town Bryukelena, which translated means “rough ground”.

Brooklyn became part of New York City in 1898, along with Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. The impetus for the merger was the appearance of the famous Brooklyn Bridge, which connects Long Island and Manhattan.

If we look at the map of Brooklyn, you can see that it is divided into segments. Areas that have appeared on the site of the English settlements, streets have direction from south to north, and those that have arisen on the site of the Dutch – from west to east. Currently Brooklyn has organized connections to Manhattan by three bridges and nine metro branches.
Expanding, Brooklyn over the years more and more covered area of ​​the island of Long Island. Village of Brooklyn received city status in 1854.

Location Brooklyn

Length of Long Island (in translation from English -. “Long Island”) is about 200 kilometers. Thanks to this extent in Brooklyn had more opportunities for expansion and development than in Manhattan. In Brooklyn, a lot freer, because it developed in breadth, unlike Manhattan, whose growth was being built up skyscrapers. Currently, Brooklyn is no different from the average US towns created for a comfortable life. The current Brooklyn is famous for its unusual architecture, various museums and the amazing manner of existence of the individual located within the areas in which rages own life.

Districts Brooklyn

The strangeness of Brooklyn Center is that it is not in the center, and in the north-western part. During the time of independence from Brooklyn New York city this area has been recognized by its cultural and business part. After the district planned, but everything here is also Brooklyn City Hall (City Hall) and the building of the Brooklyn Court.


Brooklyn Heights – an area of ​​historical stone building in Brooklyn, concentrated in itself architectural monuments of the city. The style of building Heights like a sort of a European area in America. Overall respectable manor house and decorated in Victorian and Gothic styles. Brooklyn Heights – one of the most famous and elegant areas of Brooklyn. Here are respectable mansions, exclusive shops and cozy cafes. Areas of Brooklyn Heights and neighboring Cobble Hill in custody of the municipal authorities, in order that in this area is prohibited to build high-rise apartment buildings.


Neighborhood Williamsburg was once considered the warehouse and production area of ​​Brooklyn. But in 80 years, when the population of New York experienced a catastrophic housing shortage, and its price has risen to critical size, the city authorities at the legislative level have decided to use the premises of the area for housing. As a result, attracted by the low price and outstanding so-called lofts (so-called industrial or warehouse space, modified for residential purposes) young people in New York have filled the area.

A long line of the Atlantic coast region Brooklyn – is another world-famous region – Brighton Beach , which is mainly inhabited by immigrants from the Soviet Union and the CIS countries.

Bridges, roads and streets of Brooklyn

From Manhattan to Brooklyn can be reached by three bridges: the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg. Avtoshosse “Brooklyn-Queens Ekspressvey” enables rapid transport links between the two parts of the city for trucks, cars, buses and other vehicles. This road is the only part of the Highway 278 bridge Verrazano is located at the southern end of the road, and serves as a link between the areas of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Belt Parkway, which translated means “encircling highway” – a track that runs along the coastal areas of south-east and south Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Bridge. For the first time in Brooklyn better get there by foot on the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River. The history of this bridge began with valivshihsya one after the other on the failure to erect its architects. The first architect named John Roebling died from an accident and disease that followed. “Mission” Roebling continued by his son, Washington Roebling, who was in the construction of the bridge seriously injured. To bring the matter to an end was only Washington’s wife – Emily. No matter how difficult and sad story did not seem to build the Brooklyn Bridge, it finished a magnificent design inspires awe and admiration. It is important to note that the bridge was built at a time when living in New York, people are moved by a horse and cart.

Brooklyn Bridge is striking not only for its length, but also a unique architectural ideas – neo-gothic towers, whose height is 83 meters. These towers were considered the highest buildings in the United States for many years after construction is completed. At the moment, the Brooklyn Bridge was laid 6 traffic lanes and one center strip – for cyclists and pedestrians.

Here is the pedestrian street, which is located over the traffic lanes, and should pass their own feet to the very end, from Manhattan to Brooklyn to find out what this bridge. Exactly once and did Mayakovsky, going over the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn City Hall Adams Street, and impressed by the power of the Brooklyn Bridge, said the well-known, went down in history of the expression: “Brooklyn Bridge – Yeah … It’s – a thing!”.

Brooklyn Prospect Heights – one of the most prominent places in Brooklyn. It is also called the Promenade and Esplanade. This is a favorite place for hiking offers its residents the city. Here you can admire the stunning views of Governors Island, the Statue of Liberty and the Financial District. Extraordinarily beautiful avenue in the twilight, when the city includes a backlight skyscrapers neon lights.

Park Columbus and Fulton Street. Nearby is an area surrounded by Gothic skyscrapers, which were built at the beginning of the last century. Here it is located the district post office, the court and the town hall. Several rare trees that surround the building, the big names of Columbus Park. To the east of this park is directed main commercial street of Brooklyn – Fulton Street. Her walking part – Fulton Mall – consists of a large number of department stores, small shops and stores. Here – a paradise for shopping fans.
Atlantic Avenue – one of the main streets of Brooklyn. It is home to the diaspora of immigrants from the Middle East. Another interesting feature of the street that is located a number of Arab restaurants.

Attractions Brooklyn

Williamsburg Savings Bank building. If we move on Atlantic Avenue until the site where it intersects with Flatbush Avenue, on the left you will notice this magnificent structure, erected at the beginning of the last century. Its main tower is called “Willie”, all of its facades decorated with a clock that has long been considered the world’s largest.

Temple Square, or “Temple Square”. This is the intersection of three streets, on which stands the magnificent building of red brick – Baptist Church in 1894. She currently serves as also a haven for the poor and homeless.
Prospect Heights. This is one of the most remarkable places in Brooklyn. It consists of a comfortable three- and four-storey houses, cut by small streets with nice shops and bars. Radom is Brooklyn Public Library, which is considered to be no worse than Manhattan.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It is one and the most beautiful promenades in the city. There is a rose garden, a Japanese garden to the temple, greenhouse strange tropical plants, bridges, pavilions and islands. The main feature that attracts people here – a huge plantation of aromatic plants, which has been created for blind people.
Prospect Park. This large green area, which became famous thanks to large-scale organized here for festivals and concerts. At the end of the park runs a historical attraction that is called Manor Leffertov. The essence of entertainment is that all the guests of the park have the opportunity to be in the XVIII century atmosphere and feel, for example, an ordinary American farmer, try to learn some craft or work in the garden.

Brooklyn Museum of Art – one of the most valuable sights of Brooklyn. The museum is located on the edge of Prospect Park, stately building with columns. This museum is recognized as the second largest in New York and will be very interesting for lovers of American and Western European paintings. In addition, there is assembled a fine collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts. The museum often hosts interesting exhibitions, including the scandal, which obliged the museum so popular lately.

Brooklyn District Williamsburg (Williamsburg) is located north of the Williamsburg Bridge. This place has become a favorite among young people after the law of 1985, under which the warehouse began to be rented for housing. At the site of the former warehouses and industrial buildings began to appear lofts and clubs, which are surrounded by patterns of wall paintings – graffiti. The main street of this area is considered to White Street. Here are all iconic places that highlight the architecture of the area – coffee shops, vintage clothing shops, second-hand shops, young designers and studio gallery.

Brooklyn Brewery. A place recommended for visiting tourists who are in Brooklyn. There is brewed beers that are sold in all parts of the district. Every Saturday at the brewery conducted free tours, during which anyone can participate in tasting microbrews. On Fridays from 18 to 23 are “Happy Hour”, during which you can try as much as 8 beers and pay them for only $ 3 per glass. Directly in front of the brewery is «Beacon’s Closet» vintage clothing store, which is a godsend for fans of such goods.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum. As is clear from the name, this museum is devoted only to children. Here, any child will not dull your time getting to know many interesting things, combining study and socializing with peers. For gaming attacks children are given the sand, water and various sound installations. Also, the child can try yourself as a chef, play with huge Lego, learn a lot of interesting facts about animals and even pet a snake. While the child will have fun, adults will be able to walk and relax in full confidence about the safety of such a pastime.
Transport Museum in New York. This is an amazing and unique place, which fully reflects the history of transportation in New York. It is situated on the territory of broken subway station. Here you can see the old subway cars, various models, maps, signs and markers, one way or another connected with the city transport system.

Exhibitions in the museum are unusual enough and are constantly changing, so you can always see something new. You can go on a tour and ride on an old vintage transport. There is also a souvenir shop, where you can select something interesting on the memory. After visiting the museum, you can go and tasty snack in the Burger Bar Shake Shack, which is located in a building opposite the museum.

Park Slope. This is a great place to walk during the day, to feel very expressive Hispanic influence. You can clearly feel the different atmosphere districts Brooklyn and Manhattan. The park has several good restaurants, which can be a good snack. For example, it is a restaurant Ecuadorian cuisine El Tesoro Ecuatoriano. If you want to try an unforgettable Mexican tacos, the best places than Tacos Matamoros, you will not find here. In sunny weather, there’s going to plenty of residents and guests of the metropolis, it is good to sit back and relax on the lawn while enjoying the stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Not far from here is the famous cemetery of Greenwood.

Passenger transport

The area is served by several routes Brooklyn New York subway. Among them, 5, 4, 3, 2, B, C, D, F, J, L, M, N, Q, R, which follow in Manhattan. Route G goes straight in Queens, while making numerous stops. The major interchange nodes are Jay Street – Metrotek, Atlantic Avenue – Barclays Center and DeKalb Avenue. 93% of people living in Brooklyn commute to Manhattan by subway, which works around the clock and seven days a week.
In Brooklyn, it operates a total of 56 bus routes. bus network covers the whole area as a whole. There are several other bus express routes, which connect Brooklyn to Manhattan. And, of course, a taxi – another form of transport, which you can reach Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn, there is a shuttle train station, where two electric trains follow in suburban part of Long Island. This route has two intermediate stops in Brooklyn. The main railway stations of New York City are located in Manhattan.

What kind of people live in Brooklyn

At all times in its history it has always been a center of Brooklyn habitat immigrants, which is why most of its different areas of their own ethnicity. Thus, Brooklyn today is home to the largest Jewish community in New York, as well as for people from the Middle East and Pakistan. During the Great Depression in Brooklyn, home to 40% of African Americans. At the moment, due to the obvious difference with the cost of housing in Manhattan and Brooklyn rent is considered the most suitable place to stay for the majority of Americans, who came to New York from other parts of the country.
If we consider the Brooklyn in terms of crime, it has a leading position in the country in the field of emerging financial crimes. Frauds with health insurance fraud with non-profit organizations and charities, fake road accident – all this – a person of Brooklyn that was repeatedly emphasized by regular prosecutors (Spitzer / Schneiderman / Cuomo).
Because it is not surprising that many people consider Brooklyn most paradoxical place in the whole of North America. This place is impossible to objectively evaluate the conformity of price and quality criteria. Close co-exist at the same time high prices and terrible living conditions, and the nature of such phenomena almost defies explanation.
The Brooklyn borough, where 2.5 million people, quite a bit of interest. The travel guides indicated only the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which was founded more than a hundred years ago, and Coney Island, which is a little less than a century. In Brooklyn, even there is no character with whom he could associate.
Categories of the population living in Brooklyn
Experts in the field of internal migration Brooklyn predict the decrease of the population in 2016-2025 years. Generally speaking, a boro presently only four live population.
The first category – a social benefit recipients. Local hospices and private firms provide them with very high quality and unique services. Elderly and sick people can be relatively easy to take out insurance, benefits, get a babysitter (houmattenda), social grocery vouchers (food stamps), free private transport, and so on. N. It can be concluded that the hundreds of thousands of pensioners do not go from Brooklyn because live nearby velfera – institutions where is state aid to persons who do not have income.
The second category – the owners of houses and apartments that have already been paid or almost paid his mortgage. In this category also fall the people who received the real estate inherited or bought it, when prices were low. To date, a decent house in Brooklyn is worth several million dollars, but if you drive 40 minutes from this borough, for example, in the direction of New Jersey, you can buy a house with a large plot of land for 500-600 thousand dollars.

The third category – people from other countries who eschew the real American life. They prefer to live among their own people, their native language and culture.

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