Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Brooklyn Bridge – one of the oldest and most active suspension bridges in the United States. This world-famous bridge, hanging on steel cables, is one of the main attractions of New York.

How to build the Brooklyn Bridge

The bridge passes over the East River and connects the Strait of Long Island and Manhattan, that is Brooklyn and New York. Because of this, at the beginning of its existence, it was called the Brooklyn, the New York. Only in 1915 he received the official name of the Brooklyn Bridge.


John Roebling and his company engaged in the project for the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. The works lasted 13 years and has cost 15.1 million. Dollars.

At that time, steel was still new material and Roebling contemporaries considered utopian idea of ​​its application. But John still applied steel cables that serve as the support structure. He suggested galvanizing suspension cable, the steel does not corrode, and they are still well maintained roadway.

After the death of John Roebling continuer of his work was his wife, Emily, who supervised the construction on the continuation of 11 years. In 1883, the bridge finally inaugurated.


Notably Brooklyn Bridge

The peculiarity of the Brooklyn Bridge is not only impressive in its extent (1825 m), but also in its neo-Gothic tower height of 83 meters, which are considered the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere at the time of opening of the bridge, and for some time after.



Workers repair the Brooklyn Bridge in 2006, found in the 1950m created by a secret bomb shelter. Its entrance is camouflaged in the wall of the bridge supports. The cache found significant reserves – 350 thousand cans of canned food, plants for air purification kits for medical care, blankets.



It is hard to imagine that this is a delightful structure, is still an industrial wonder of the world, it appeared in the days when the Americans went on a horse and cart. It is clear why in the century before it all hit the ultramodern look. Currently, the bridge is organized 6 lanes for cars and one in the center for cyclists and pedestrians.




Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, with skyscrapers of Times Square, considered one of the main symbols of American progress. Bridge – the most recognizable landmark of New York and acts as a bridge between New York City past and present.

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